Monday, 26 September 2011

Susie Lau, yes i'm having a bubble...A STYLE BUBBLE!

I love Susie Lau, not personally..her style ofcourse. As soon as she walks out the house, she makes a statement. A statement that says i dont care what anyone else thinks - I'm gonnna do me. She has constructed her own identity through fashion. It's something so original. I hate seeing fifty girls in the same Topshop dress...(not saying i dont love Topshop). Every outfit Susie put's together is so effortless and fun. The confidence shows through. When you next go to your wadrobe have some fun!'Every street is a catwalk'. LOL. Up and Out. DD.


  1. I love her too, isn´t she amazing?! I love her way of writing as uch as I love her skills of layering.

  2. She is the most innovative blogger.She is just amazing.Like Caroline said, the layering is the key and she knows how to do it.

  3. i love her style too! it's so unique and special!! amazing


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