Friday, 30 September 2011

H by Harris - The Modern Laptop Case

Modern Luxury. Accessories at it's best. Stylist Harris Ellison envisioned a stylish but durable laptop case in Early 2007. In a click of a finger H by Harris developed into an international brand with an impressive collection. My favourite piece the 'Skin Diamond' shown here in midnight black and deep plum. This modern stance on a laptop case shows how versatile one's laptop case can be. It's more than, a 15inch MacBook holder, It's a timeless piece of art. Crafted with fine expertise, this creation is a timeless accessory that can travel with you from season to season. A key accessory that's classic as well as sophisticated. Up and Out. DD 


  1. i love Harris! He used to be my old office mate dontcha know ;-)

  2. It's very nice. Frances

  3. Sorry, I don't like it. I use to have a bedspread like that in very similar colours and it just reminds me of that and the terrible bits of the 70's. ::shudders::

    However I like the backpacks, go figure!


  4. Nice, and to think I just have the standard black one that comes with the laptop... I think something's going on my Christmas list...


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