Friday, 30 December 2011

will it be a yes or no? I'm on top of the world.

          It's almost 2012! Time to say Happy New Year. We always look for a fresh start, new beginnings, it makes us hopeful. This year has had it's up's and downs, more up's than downs thankfully. I've come up with a new years resolution....wait for it. This year I've decided i need to be positive and productive. My giving up sweets and McDonald's never worked year after year. That really say's a lot about me haha. 2012 is going to be a great one, not just a halfhearted happy new year. Challenge yourself  be a bright spark.
Up and Out DD

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

I Love Fashion Because: ?

Stylist & Blogger Dree Harper of
 Fashion Blogger Balkis Awan of
 Student Evangeline T
 Fashion Blogger Jennifer Inglis of the
 Student Henry Milton
 Student Bill Merner

Fashion Blogger Kristy Elena of

Student Hannah Scott

Where do i start? This topic is one of which i love not just mainly because i'm interesting in fashion, i wanted to delve deeper (not to be Oprah) but know and understand why people love fashion. Is it because the glossy covers of Vogue takes their eye, because they cant get away from those ravishing shop windows or because its a way for them to escape and be someone else? For my photography project I chose to study fashion photography . I created this blog, went to fashion week taking photographs of the 'fashion pack' then i decided to do something different. Find out what the real meaning of fashion is not just to me, but to you. So I've asked a range of bloggers and friends to write on a piece of paper why they love fashion...

My project concluded that: Fashion gives never-ending hope to creative freedom that allows everyone to have a chance of being unique and show off their own personality. Fashion is their for all of us to have and to use. Fashion isn't something you can have for a second or a minute it lasts a life time.

Hopefully I've made you guys think! 
Up and Out. DD

A big THANK YOU to everyone that took part :)

Friday, 9 December 2011

Standing on your own two feet.

This set of photographs is about individualism. It's not about what you wear it's always about how you wear it, that should always be most important and shine through. I love the second photograph, who would think of wearing creepers with shorts. Style shouldn't and cant be set in a rule book. Magazines and blogs are their just to guide and inspire us. There to help us find our inner style, our "inner fashionista" er i didn't just say that. Anyway my moral of today is: personal style outshines a fashion victim (a clothes whore that buy's designer gear) every time. Wear what you feel works best on you, an outfit is made by attitude and self confidence. I've been in bed for the past two days, i'm not really hating. I've been catching up on TV, watching re-runs, eating to my hearts content... and of course sneezing every thirty seconds. I do miss the smell of fresh air. I'm don't think i'm liking being held prisoner in my own home :( . Up and Out. DD

Friday, 2 December 2011

who you are.

 My 18th Birthday has arrived and gone. Tonight I'm going out to celebrate :) , i don't understand why i always write posts in a hurry. Tut tut tut. I leave you guys with this photograph of Olivia Palermo, it's such a weird photograph to me but that's why i love it. She commands such attention which makes the picture so special. Anyway i'm super excited for my birthday and I'll post the photographs soon. Have a good weekend guys, sleep loads :). Up and Out. DD

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Excitement: It's all in the red.

It's so weird how the color red can mean so many things love, hate, joy, bravery. I can't multitask so i'm blogging while thinking i should be getting ready and my body just isn't moving. This week has got to be the most busiest in a while ( i sound like a mum with three kids). Anyway i was a dresser for the Peter Jensen Fashion In Motion ten year anniversary show. 

It was an incredible experience, trying to dress my model in three minutes, clothes everywhere. I was constantly shoving clothes in her face and unbuckling shoes. At one point she couldn't fit in her shoes i had to find a shoe horn and she happened to be on next i melted,everyone asking 'WHERES THE SHOE HORN' i laugh now looking back at it, at the time i thought it was the end of the world. my model cant walk down the runway bare feet? 

In the end ( four girls late ) we found the shoe horn. It was a great show Peter Jensen is an amazing designer.    Up and out.DD

Monday, 7 November 2011

Marina and the Boyfriend.

This couple obviously got dressed together, which to be honest isn't a bad thing. Marina & the Diamonds here sporting a pastel pink shift dress which just looks effortless, proving less is defiantly more. Paired with the one of seasons biggest 'trends' the nude heels....... have you ever thought what 'nude' is called for people that aren't of the same skin tone... hmm. Now for the boyfriend, the bold vivid tones bring the 60's and 80's together. I love the fact he isn't intimidated by such bright and loud colours. The candy colored green and pink look so edible! Up and Out. DD.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Fashion Squad are coming to get you!

Blogger Carolina Engman of the Fashion Squad effortlessly sports a chic and sophisticated look. Up and Out. DD

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

just another street style blog.

Happy Wednesday! I do say that halfheartedly. Mid week and i have so much on.... don't we all.  I will be writing a post soon with more writing. I'm just lazy. Determined David is not the phrase of my week lol. I'll leave you guys with these think :). Up and Out.DD