Wednesday, 14 December 2011

I Love Fashion Because: ?

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Where do i start? This topic is one of which i love not just mainly because i'm interesting in fashion, i wanted to delve deeper (not to be Oprah) but know and understand why people love fashion. Is it because the glossy covers of Vogue takes their eye, because they cant get away from those ravishing shop windows or because its a way for them to escape and be someone else? For my photography project I chose to study fashion photography . I created this blog, went to fashion week taking photographs of the 'fashion pack' then i decided to do something different. Find out what the real meaning of fashion is not just to me, but to you. So I've asked a range of bloggers and friends to write on a piece of paper why they love fashion...

My project concluded that: Fashion gives never-ending hope to creative freedom that allows everyone to have a chance of being unique and show off their own personality. Fashion is their for all of us to have and to use. Fashion isn't something you can have for a second or a minute it lasts a life time.

Hopefully I've made you guys think! 
Up and Out. DD

A big THANK YOU to everyone that took part :)


  1. i LOVE fashion because it makes who i am. ♡

  2. I love fashion because it allows us to disguise all insecurities <3

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  4. love it!

  5. this is incred, love the photos
    Great post, thanks for sharing!

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  6. I love fashion because it's just so much fun! :)


  7. Fashion is definitely a great escape. I love fashion because it allows people to show their personality.


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  9. wow, great post! Love the project!
    I love fashion because it reflects my personality!!!

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  11. what a unique post idea!! ... i love fashion because it can be understood no matter what your mother tongue is :) you can wistfully admire a runway show, editorial or garment from any country and still appreciate its delicate beauty :) x
    great blog btw now following you!

  12. I do agree alice! fashion is universal we can all understand it

  13. Fantastic project! Fashion is definitely something that makes people special in their own ways.

    Thanks for leaving a comment. :)

  14. such a difficult question - but a super interesting collalborative project ! x

  15. I love this post idea, was lead to it by The Written Runway. I love fashion because it lets me be fickle, there are always new styles to experiment with and when I find one that works it makes me happy, even more so if it's unexpected!

  16. i love fashion because every detail is an adventure! xx


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